Application description

This application provides you a direct access to the current and forecast meteorological information of your favorite airports (up to 4 airports can be defined). It requires an internet connection and uses only METAR and TAF messages as a source of information (note that not all airports have METAR or TAF messages).

It comes with a widget for an easier and faster access to the most important data of the METAR messages of your favorite airports.


Select your favorite airports

The main screen can display up to 4 airports METAR.

Tap the bottom button “Add airport” to add an airport in the main screen.

Use the smart keyboard to enter the ICAO code of your airport. It is added to the list.

Swipe the airport to the left to remove it ! That’s all !

Meteorological data

The main view shows the most important data of the METAR messages of your favorite airports.

Note that the airport must have METAR messages. If it has no messages, nothing will be displayed but a grey block with the ICAO code you entered.

This main view is also available as a widget. The application is launched when you tap a METAR on the widget screen.

Tap any airport visible on the main list and get all the data you need in one screen: position, altitude and decoded METAR message and TAF message if available.

The application gives you a clear decoded version of the latest METAR of the airport if it exists.

If the airport has TAF messages, read also the weather forecast.

TAF messages have never been so easy to read with the new TAF-on-WHEEL® display. Turn the wheel of your watch to read the time range of the TAF message hour per hour.


Release notes

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