Google Play issues

Some users are experiencing problems when downloading the PgW Metar’N’Taf app or the PgW Navigation App for Wear OS. You may have the following error message:

Error retrieving information from server.

It seems that Google discovered that the apps were not compliant with some UI rules for Wear OS watches (text size, splash screen not present, etc…) so they decide to block the apps on their store. Don’t worry ! The solutions are identified and their development is in progress and will be released by the end of the month. The releases will also contain new nice features !

Sorry for the inconvenience. Be assure I’ll do my best to solve this on time.

METAR and TAF data not available

The METAR and TAF messages were not available during the past few days. This issue concerns the PgW Navigation App and the PgW METAR’n’TAF App (all versions). This is due to changes performed by the Aviation Weather Center on their data server.

Now the issue is solved and the METAR and TAF messages are now back on line. This correction doesn’t require any app update.

Sorry for this short interruption…

New releases are coming soon

Development is still in progress for both the PgW Navigation App and the PgW METAR’n’TAF App.

The future version will include new nice features like :

  • New METAR history charts to see the evolution of some weather parameters during the past hours
  • Bugs fixing
  • UI enhancements
  • New user preference to choose between UTC or local time
  • Support for airports having non-ICAO codes (codes with numbers, codes having less than 4 characters, etc…)

Hope you’ll enjoy these new versions !

Best Regards and Fly Safe