This is the user manual for the Pilot Gear Watch (PgW) Timer App. This is also an Alarm add-on for the PgW watchface. See the User Manual of the PgW watchface.



This is the version 1.2 of this manual.

Change log

Version Date of issue Highlights
1.0 Nov. 05th, 2017 Creation of the manual
1.1 Mar. 27th, 2018 Update screenshots with the new release
1.2 May 08th, 2020 Major update. Fully revised.
1.3 Apr 06th, 2022 New sounds and new alarm screen for PgW Watchface.


In this app, you can create one periodic timer or a sequence of multiple different timers. This section explains how to create timers.

Create the 1st timer

Just press the center of the screen or turn the wheel of your Samsung Gear watch to create a timer. This will open the timer creation menu.

The timer time is displayed on the left side. Turn the wheel to change the time. Tap this left button to activate the timer.

Top button is used to activate or disable the repeat mode. When repeat mode is ON, the timer is a periodic timer.

Bottom button is used to activate or disable the callouts. The app generates alarms before the timer is over.

Finally, the right button is used to select one of the 7 predefined modes.

All timers are based on minutes. The duration of a timer must be from one minute to 59 minutes.

The border of the watchface is colored to show you the timer position in local time. A marker shows the position of the alarm at the end of the timer. The marker indicates the duration of the timer in minutes.

The color of the border depends on the selected mode:

  • Mode A : green,
  • Mode B : red,
  • Mode C : yellow,
  • Mode D : blue,
  • Mode E : orange,
  • Mode F : purple,
  • Mode G : white.

While the timer is being set and not yet activated, the timer start moves with the current local time. The timer start time will be definitively set when you tap the left button.

Periodic timer

A periodic timer is a timer which is endlessly repeated. The period is set by turning the wheel of the watch. Markers are displayed on the border of the watchface to show you the position of the alarms in local time.

When set, it can only be stopped by deleting the timer or disable the repeat mode.

When you create a periodic timer, you can’t create another type of timer. If you want to add more timers, you have to remove the repeat mode of the existing timer first.

The callouts

Callouts are alarms generated automatically by the app to notify you that the timer will expire shortly. When activated, up to 4 alarms will be set (5mn, 3mn, 2mn and 1mn before the expiration time) depending on the timer duration. If your timer expires in 3 minutes, only 2 callouts will be generated.

The screen you can see on the left of this text is an example of the callout generated 5 minutes before the timer ends.

The modes

7 modes are predefined and case be used to identify the timers.

Add another timer

Tap the center of the screen, then tap the left button with the “plus” sign.

The creation menu (without the repeat mode option) will open.

Actions on timers

Edit a timer

Timers can be edited at any time before their expiration time. Just tap the marker of the timer in the border of the watchface to open the edition menu.

For periodic timer, tap any of the markers.

You can change the timer duration, the repeat mode (if the timer is the only timer set), the timer mode and the callout mode.

When you edit a timer, the colored border changes to show you this timer in the local time. When you leave the edition menu, this colored border focuses again on the active timer.

Cancel a timer

Tap the marker of the timer to open the edit menu.

Tap the left button to delete the timer. No confirmation required, no undo.

Cancel all timers

Tap the center of the screen.

Tap on the right button. No confirmation required. No undo. All timers are deleted.

Alarms for the PgW Watchface

The features presented in this chapter are only available to the users who have installed the Pilot Gear Watch Watchface on their watch. See more information on the Pilot Gear Watch Watchface.

Alarms for the turning points

An alarm generates a sound and vibrations just before the end of the leg. Each alarm also show a dedicated page.

These alarms are :

  • 5 minutes before the end: The sound is “5” callout. 5 vibrations
  • 3 minutes before: The sound is “3” callout. 3 vibrations
  • 2 minutes before: The sound is “2” callout. 2 vibrations
  • 1 minute before: The sound is “1” callout. 1 vibration
  • Timer over: The sound is a short ring tone. 5 short vibrations

All pages must be acknowledged by clicking on the lower hardware button of your watch to return to the watchface screen.

Alarms for the fuel level

When you start a flight in the PgW Watchface or change the active fuel tank, alarms will be automatically set to warn you 30mn and 15mn before the level of the tank is zero.

Alarms for the fuel tank switch

When you start a flight in the PgW Watchface, you can set a periodic alarm to switch the fuel tanks every 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

All pages must be acknowledged by clicking on the lower hardware button of your watch to return to the watchface screen.