Application description

Watch face designed for light aircraft pilots. It supports local and UTC modes. It computes the sunrise and sunset times at your current GPS location. It manages your fuel consumption (supports several tank configurations) and integrates an enhanced countdown for dead reckoning navigation. Interface is in english. It is designed to minimize the number of clicks and easily read information during flight. With optional gear app, alarms can be associated to the countdown. These alarms generate vibrations and aural callouts.

Users can configure the application directly on the watch. No companion app needed.

A configuration menu is available by touching the center of the watchface.



Six different watchfaces in one! Quickly change the theme of your pilot watchface and still keep all the specific features of PgW Watchface dedicated to private pilots : fuel management, time management and navigation shortcuts.

Chronometer theme with 2 gauges dedicated to the chronometer (new with the version 1.8)

Sun times calculation

Get the sunrise and sunset times of your current GPS location.

Values are displayed in the menu so just touch the center of the watchface to open the menu and read them.

Values are in local or UTC mode depending on the timezone mode you chose.

With the sunset display directly on the watchface, see the sunset time graphically during the last hour before sunset.

Fuel management

The PgW Watchface helps you track your fuel consumption during your flight. Select the tank configuration of your aircraft, the volume of each tank, the fuel rate of your engine and the volume unit you want to use and you’re ready to use the fuel management system of PgW Watchface.

Change tanks during flight and it will mark the time of this change automatically.

See at first sight the remaining flight duration on the current tank.

Check very quickly the fuel you have in every tank and your total autonomy.

If you have the PgW Timer app installed on your watch, you will be notified when the fuel level reaches 30mn and 15mn remaining flight times. You can also set an alert to switch fuel tank every 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Time management for deadreckoning navigation

The PgW Watchface manage timers for your flight legs. It tracks every new leg with markers placed all around the watchface. Bright colors helps you read the remaining flight time before your next planned waypoint.

If the PgW Timer App is installed on your watch, aural callouts and vibrations will be warn you before the current leg is over. You don’t need to check your watch every minute! Just concentrate on your flight.


From the version 1.8, you can double tap the screen to start/stop/reset the chronometer hand (thin red hand) at any time. The chronometer is not blocked when you enter the menu or change the theme.


Release notes

PgW Watchface – Release 1.10.0 now available

Dear pilots, A new release of the watchface has been posted on the Galaxy Store today. Major change: Added new configurable fuel tank switch alert (requires PgW Timer App installed)…

PgW Watchface – Release 1.9.0 now available

Dear pilots, A new release of the watchface has been posted on the Galaxy Store today. Major changes: Better visibility for the battery status and current date. Added tank configuration…

PgW Watchface – Release 1.8.0 now available

Dear pilots, The watchface has now a chronometer feature. Double tap the screen to start/stop/reset the thin red hand. It works on any theme. A new theme has been added…

PgW Watchface – Release 1.7.0 now available

Dear pilots, The v1.7.0 of the PgW Watchface is now available on the Galaxy Store for Gear S2, Gear S3 and Galaxy Watch. Minor change : Added tank configuration “2”…