Application description

This application is a pilot logbook for private pilots in general aviation. You can log all your flights (with different aircraft classes if you want) on your smartphone or your tablet. When logged, the flights can be seen on a map and the hours calculated automatically. Many statistics and charts can be generated on demand.


Log all your flights in a single application even if you’re flying on different classes of aircraft (The application supports 5 categories : glider, airplane, ultralight, gyroplane and helicopter). All the flights are in a single logbook. The statistics are computed for a single category at a time, no mix. Just switch from category to another to check them all.

Declare all aircraft in the application.

Enter your flights in the app using a very simple interface. Tags can be created and placed on flights to group them and build charts.

Then discover the nice features to navigate in your logbook :

  • Browse by year or by month
  • Browse by aircraft
  • Browse by tags
  • Browse by aircraft class
  • Search using keywords

The app is provided with its own airport database. You can also define your own airfields.

The app offers also a map mode so you can see your flights graphically with the same grouping features !

The application automatically calculates your flight hours based on many criterias :

  • Flight rules
  • Pilot-In-Command or Dual
  • Day or Night
  • Simulator or not
  • Multiple Engines or Single Engine

Define your own proficiency alerts to be warned each time a requirement is not satisfied.

Create your own charts to analyze your flight experience over the years, the months.

Many charts are available :

  • Bars,
  • Lines,
  • Pie,
  • Radar


Release notes

PgW Logbook – Release 1.0.0 available

Dear pilots, Today, AEROTOOLS enters into the Android world with a new application named “PgW Logbook” for smartphones and tablets. It is an electronic Pilot Logbook. Check out the dedicated…