This is the user manual for the Pilot Gear Watch Converter App (PgW CfG). This application gives you direct conversions of the most useful measures on your Samsung Gear!



This is the version 1.0 of this manual.

Change log

VersionDate of issueHighlights
1.0Aug. 09th, 2019Creation of the manual

The main view

The main view of the application is composed of 2 parts:

  • The half upper part defines the measure type, the unit and the value to convert
  • The half lower part gives you the target unit and the converted value

See on the top of the main view, the measure name. Tap on it to change the measure type.

Up to ten measures are available :

  • Altitude
  • Distance
  • Fuel
  • Length
  • Mass
  • Pressure
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Torque
  • Visibility

Available units

  • Nm
  • Km
  • SM
  • m
  • SM
  • Km
  • kt
  • km/h
  • mph
  • l
  • USGal
  • hPa
  • inHg
  • bar
  • psi
  • °C
  • °F
  • Kg
  • lb
  • m
  • ft
  • in
  • ft
  • m
  • N.m
  • lbf.ft

Convert a value

Conversion is a 4 steps process composed like this:
  • Select the measure
  • Select the unit of the value you want to convert
  • Select the target unit
  • Turn the wheel of your watch to set the value

Read the converted value directly as the the value changes

The speed of the rotation of the wheel affects the way the value is increased or decreased. The faster it turns, the greater the value changes.

Use the widget

The application comes with a widget. The widget launches directly the application for a given measure type.

The widget is just composed of 3 buttons:

  • Top and bottom buttons changes the measure type
  • The right button launches the application

Set the units of measure for PgW Apps

The widget can be used to set the units of measure of the PgW applications like PgW Navigation app. Follow this simple procedure to change the unit for one measure:
  1. Go to the PgW Converter widget screen
  2. Use the top and down buttons to select the measure
  3. Tap the left black button to change the unit. Each time you tap, the unit changes for all PgW Applications.
You can change several units in the same session. The PgW Application must be restarted to take the new configuration into account.
Use the top and down button to select the measure. Tap the left button to change the unit. The reset button on top must be tapped twice to reset the PgW Applications to the default units (European units).

List of measures is always in this order: distance, visibility, speed, fuel, pressure, temperature, mass, length, altitude and torque.The reset button is visible only when you’re one the first measure of the list. Tap the down button to move to the next measure. The reset button will be replace by a top arrow to move back to the previous measure.