The PgW Logbook application is not a “cloud” application. It doesn’t share your personal data with anyone. Aerotools doesn’t store your data nor has access to it. All your flights, repository data (aircraft, airports, tags, etc…) remains physically on your phone or tablet. The only information sent to the internet is the location of the airports you enter in your logbook. It is sent any time the application needs to display a flight on the map. Maps are not stored on your device so the application needs to download the map tiles to display it on your screen. PgW Logbook App uses MAPBOX ( to render maps. Important : Only coordinates of a location (longitude and latitude) are sent, so your personal data related to the airport (for instance, the date/time of the flight, your name, the description you wrote, etc…) remains private and is not sent on the internet.

If you have any questions about this policy, please send an email to this address :