Application description

This application is no more supported but it was the very first application developed by Aerotools for one of the best smartwatch built in 2016. Unfortunately, Pebble stopped the development of the watch. It’s like a museum page!

This application assists the private pilot in his dead-reckoning navigations. On a single screen, it displays the flight start time, elapsed time but also the current leg start time, elapsed time.

The PilotWatch App helps you when you do dead reckoning. All the data you need to check is displayed on one single screen. Button usage is reduced to the minimum. Display has been improved to facilitate the reading of the values during the flight.

The app has 2 major behaviours :

  • whether you estimate your legs and flight durations and want to be warn in case of overdue
  • or you just want to measure the duration of your legs and flight without any estimate

This app runs on Pebble smartwatches.


The flight start time is displayed in green on the bottom line.

The red value is the time limit you can set before flight. It is displayed aside the start time.

Leg times are also displayed on this screen (on the left).

Elapsed time is displayed in bigger font. On the top, the total elapsed time for the flight. On the middle right, the elapsed time for the leg.

You can fix time limits for your filght and the current leg.

When set, circles are displayed in the background to represent the remaining time. The outer circle is the flight time, the inner one is the leg time.

Red color highlights overdue time.

Green color highlights the time you save.

A setting menu allows you to configure your preferences very easily.

Release notes

No more supported. Sorry 🙁