Dear pilots,

At the end of the year 2020, some major bugs (regressions) have been found in 3 of our apps:

  • PgW Timer App:
    • User can’t change the timer duration
    • No sounds
  • PgW Metar’n’Taf :
    • User can’t add new airports
    • The apps doesn’t start when the user taps on the widget page
  • PgW Navigation App:
    • Maps download may not work
    • Apps may crash at any time

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. They are due to major changes done by Samsung in their operating system Tizen. All these major problems have been corrected and new versions have been posted on the Samsung Galaxy Store portal on the beginning of January, 2021. They are all waiting for the approval of the Samsung reviewers to be released to the users. So, please, be patient and I hope all the issues will be solved in the coming days.

Note that all the apps are still compatible with Tizen OS v3 and v4.

Thank you for your understanding. Happy new year and be safe !