Dear pilots,

I’m glad to announce the release of this new version of the PgW Navigation App on the Galaxy Store today. Many new features have been added. Check them out on this video:

Major changes:

  • New moving land map using MAPBOX map services (permanent internet connection required to display the land map)
  • Maps download process completely reviewed (better robustness and smaller data files are downloaded for American countries)
  • Magnetic North reference available
  • New settings menu (swipe the screen bottom to top to open it) for land map display and North reference

Minor changes:

  • Better clarity for the texts displayed on the map

Bugs corrected:

  • Compatibility issues with Tizen OS 5.0 and 5.5
  • Scale values were incorrect at high latitudes (over 60° North or South)
  • From/To indicator in GOTO mode may be wrong in some situations

Hope you will enjoy this release.

Fly safe!