This message is addressed to the pilots flying in locations covered by more than one map of PgW Navigation App (this is visible when the app downloads more than one map after its installation). Check the illustration below for a simple overview of the map coverage.

Current version of PgW Navigation App (v1.3.2) contains a bug in the merging of multiple maps. Not all airports may be loaded and visible. In the worst case, your location is not displayed at all on the map and the airports of your country can’t be selected with the smart keyboard 🙁

The origin of the bug is identified and the correction is on the way. A new release (v1.4.0) is currently in the validation phase of the Samsung Store. A few days, if everything goes well, this release will be available on the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app for update.

Really sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

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